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I’m available to help you achieve your vision. You can focus on your passion, and I’ll focus on getting a website made that you can be proud to share to the world. Let’s work together to unlock your websites potential and make your vision into a reality.

Website Designers

Steve focuses on being able to connect you to your clients though Social media integration, Ecommerce, blogs, podcasts, photo galleries, etc. whatever your needs Steve is able to get you a site that is clean professional, and you.

Forward Thinking

Be ready for the Future with responsive website design, and constantly updated site integrations to bring your brand to the forefront of websites.

Problem Solvers

I have a team of dedicated people watching over the servers 24 hours a day. If you notice an issue feel free to contact us, and we will get it resolved.
Steve Stone

Steve Stone

Lead Designer

Artist, Writer, Actor, Creator, Designer & Teacher.

If it deals with art, dancing, promoting, or helping other people achieve their dreams Steve Stone is eager and willing to help.

“I believe that people with vision and a desire to change the world for the better should be given an opportunity, and helped by those that have been paving the way.”

Working with my friends and family over the years, I’ve discovered something about myself that I didn’t completely understand until recently.

“My purpose in this life is to help others achieve their dreams.”


I started writing comics over 20 years ago to entertain my brothers, and it was fun, but then it became something more personal. My brother James had the talent and expressed a desire to become a comic book artist. I then started writing Conquest, our now on going series, to give him direction and practice. We have since come up with and been able to help many other people to break into the comic field.

I started acting in college in 1997 which was a big stretch for me, as I was always a shy kid, but acting helped me to shed some of that fear and be more open to the possibility of other people. I still feel that I’m that shy kid, but those who have known me for years might disagree. Acting is the tool that I learned, that gave me the confidence to do anything I set my mind to.

I began dancing in 1998 and loved it, it was exciting and fun and exercise all at the same time. As people came into the dance late and missed the lessons I felt for them, I knew that they had a desire to do what we were, but no direction on how. That’s when I starting teaching dance. I wanted them to be able to share in the same joy that I felt. Through dancing I started a website, so people could find the places that we danced at. In effect I started learning about design and websites.

Always having a love of art since I was a child, I had departed from traditional art around 1994 and later picked up graphic design around 1998. I would design t shirts, flyers, websites and logos for people to better help promote themselves. This turned into many websites, business cards, more t shirts and other graphics.

I also learned about creating and running events, both single night dances, as well as 3 day dance exchanges. I was the creator and organizer of Blues n’ Soul, as well as being on the dance committee for the Orlando Lindy Exchange “ORLX” for many years. creating the shirts, flyers for these events and many other dance exchanges over the years. I was again able to share my love of dancing again with these exchanges, dances and even workshop weekends.

I have a traffic school called that I’ve been with since 2005 and it has been a great experience. I am able to take a bad situation, like getting a ticket and make it into a fun, yet educational lesson about the real dangers on the road, what the laws are, and why it’s so important to follow them. If but one person was able to learn something and changed their driving, then it has worth it. I’d like to think that perhaps I have played a small part in saving a life or two.

My most recent venture has been as a Mobile Notary for a local Title company. I’ve learned a lot a about real estate, and I’m looking into wholesaling properties. You never know what life has for you until you open yourself up for possibilities. Who know’s what’s next?

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